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Recently I discovered Neuro XR while researching the latest supplements on the market to improve overall brain power, focus, and energy. It’s yet another, similar to the many other products out there, that makes many claims but has yet to prove itself. As a supplement it is not regulated by the FDA and all the ingredients are natural. The downfall of such supplements is that most of the ingredients are not well researched and even though there may be signs that they may be effective in many ways, they are not actually confirmed with studies.

Unfortunately, many companies out there are taking advantage of this recent craze over supplements, and more specifically, brain performance supplements. What happens is they develop less than effective products which tend to do more harm than good, are a waste of money, and usually work through some sort of scam which ends up costing you a lot more than you expected. With that said, this is the reason I started doing reviews on the most visited supplement websites so as to reveal which could be potential scams and which could be effective.


What is Neuro XR?

This is a natural brain boosting supplement that is claimed to boost your energy, concentration, focus, and brain performance. It is promoted to sharpen your memory, boost your concentration, improve your memory recall, boost creativity, and more. By guarding gray matter your neurotransmitters will be working at optimal efficiency allowing your brain to work at its best. Ingredients in Neuro XR

Usually websites like these lack information about the ingredients in their product. I was happy to find a list of ingredients but no supplement facts. Still, it’s far more than I usually expect from similar websites.

  • Ginkgo Biloba – the official websites claims that it aids in blood circulation and is used commonly for improving cognitive function in general and improvement of memory. I have found that this is actually true and confirmed and it has numerous great benefits for the brain. Though considered safe there are some possible side effects.
  • Phosphatidylserine – a part of the structure of cells this ingredient is the key to proper cellular function maintenance, thus resulting in better memory and brain function. This is mainly focused on age-related mental decline where it has shown a lot of benefits. The ingredient is considered safe but may cause side effects if in high doses.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – this ingredient is a natural amino acid. It aids in the production of energy and is key for proper brain function. It is claimed to be used for a number of disorders which are related to thinking and memory. I have found that these claims are true. Though considered safe there are possible side effects.
  • St. Johns Wart – this herb contains hyprerforin and hypericin which is key to regulating the mood as they act on chemical messages within the nervous system. It really is effective in improving mood as it is recommended for those suffering from depression. Though considered safe for up to 12 weeks it is not recommended you take it for more than 1 year. There are a number of side effects as well.
  • Glutamine – this is an amino acid that is found in the body but sometimes the body cannot make enough of it which may cause low energy and inability to concentrate. It is considered safe and has no side effects.
  • DMAE Bitartrate – it is also referred to as a “cholinergic” due to the possibility to boost acetylcholine levels which is a transmitter. It is a chemical in the brain that boosts memory. This is not confirmed as research is still being done to support it. Though considered safe there are a number of possible side effects.
  • Bacopin – better known as Bacopa monnieri, this ingredient boost blood flow to the brain thus improving overall cognitive function. It is confirmed to boost memory in both adults and children. Though considered safe for up to 12 weeks it does have some reported side effects.
  • Vinpocetine – is claimed to increase production of ATP energy all the while improving the way your brain uses glucose. There is insufficient evidence for its ability to improve memory especially if combined with Ginkgo. It is considered safe but may cause some side effects.

In general, the ingredients are actually quite impressive and I think that if dosed properly they could really give you great results. The problems is that there is no supplement facts so as to confirm the actual doses. Aside from that, the ingredients do have some possible side effects but in general they are not all experienced by every individual as it depends on your body, health, and how you adapt to the ingredients. With that said, please research each ingredient and speak with your doctor before ordering to confirm it is really safe and suitable for you.


How and Where to Buy Neuro XR

The one thing I really liked about this website is that there are no trial offers. You select what you want to buy, order, and that’s it. There are no memberships or further charges. You have three options:

  • 5 Month Supply – $95.00 – free shipping
  • 3 Month Supply – $87.00 – free shipping
  • 1 Month supply – $44.00 – $9.95 shipping

They also advertise a 30 day money back guarantee but honestly, never trust that. There are always loopholes through which they can wiggle out of. Even though buying several bottles ends up costing a lot less per bottle I recommend you first purchase one bottle to make sure it really is for you before investing more money into it.



I think that this could easily be an effective supplement to boost your overall brain performance and energy but that can only be confirmed with a supplement facts to ensure the doses are high enough to really be effective. The website seems trustworthy and doesn’t have the common tell signs of a scam. Still, I recommend you research Neuro XR and its ingredients further before you order to make sure that it really is what you are looking for.

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