December 5, 2019

Is Beer Good For Health?

Is beer healthy? This is a question that ever alcohol consumer has wondered about at least once. Although there is no real answer to this question because of beers vague effects on the body, a recent article has officially declared that beer has no harmful effects on your health and instead, it may help you stay healthy. There are a lot of reasons why that outcome of that study may be true.

Here are 8 reasons why beer is healthy:

  1. It Is Good For Your Heart

Moderate beer drinkers have relatively reduced the risk of heart disease. A British journal said in 1999 that the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by approximately 25% for a person that consumes 3 drinks a day. Of course, drinking excessively can be harmful and is not advisable. Beer is considered healthy for both, people who have heart disease and people that are healthy. Beer is rich in polyphenols, which are good for heart health and increases life span. If your heart feels good, you automatically become calm and content. Some studies also found that beer may help cure cancer.

  1. It Contains Low Calories, Fats and Carbohydrates

Beer doesn’t contribute to your calorie or carbohydrate intake. It is a very light, alcoholic beverage which doesn’t contain cholesterol. If you drink beer as your only source of nutrition for a day, you will need to drink once every waking hour, to fulfill your calorie requirements. This shows that beer does not cause weight gain and can be consumed in small amounts on a daily basis. It is the only natural drink with fewer calories than other beverages like black coffee, tea.

  1. It Is Good For Your Teeth

The sticky, slimy layer that sometimes forms over your teeth is called biofilm and beer prevents its formation. Beer also helps in reducing any chance of gum disease and tooth decay. This is because even the smallest portion of beer on testing has proved to destroy gum disease promoting germs. It is not just a mere assumption, but a certified fact that the performance of beer is far better than raspberry, black-tea and other natural extracts.

  1. It Lifts Up Your Mood

Beer is most popularly used for relaxation and lightening up the mood. It is always a preferred choice during stressful situations to calm the mind and induce happiness. It has been recently been proven that beer does an exceptional job as a stress reliever. Beer has the power to activate the reward center of the brain and stimulates it to release dopamine- the hormone which induced joy and euphoria. If you are feeling low or depressed, having a glass of beer can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Beer helps with boosting confidence as well as regulating mood.

  1. It Fights Infections

According to the Oregon Health & Science University study, intake of one or two drinks in a day can help boost your immune system to work harder and thus fight infections more strongly. One experiment was also performed in order to prove its ability. Monkeys were vaccinated against Smallpox. Some of them were given access to alcohol others were made to drink sweet, sugar water. After proper analysis, it was found that the monkeys that consumed alcohol responded better than the other set of monkeys. However, the ones that drank lots of it showed adverse effects when compared to the ones that drank moderately.

  1. It Makes Your Bones Strong

Experts claim that beer is a major source of silicon which helps in strengthening bones. It contains a lot of hops and malted barley which are very silicon-rich. Low amounts of alcohol in your diet may weaken the bones and make them brittle and vulnerable to fractures. Beer is proven to be better for bone strength than other sources like wheat bran and cereal.

  1. It Helps Your Stomach

Dark beer is an exceptional digestive. It triggers the release of gastric acid, which is responsible for the majority of food digestion. Stomach cells gain more energy and break food into smaller particles with better efficiency. Low alcohol intake can slow this process down, leading to constipation and acidity issues. Also, bowel movements make be affected due to less alcohol level in the body. Beer is also rich in fiber which plays a significant role in the intestinal transfer which in turn prevents intestinal or gastric issues.

  1. It Is Also Good For Your Brain

Studies claim that beer helps in building mental health and battling mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. It increases your memory power and helps retain information for longer periods of time. It also increases creativity and innovative thinking. Your brain is expected to work faster if you have had a good beer intake before an exam or a test. However, make sure that the amount doesn’t exceed the threshold limit in which case it can have adverse effects and make your brain dull and hinder performance.

So, it is an established fact that beer is of no harm to your body or brain, provided it is taken in good, decent amounts and not consumed in high dosages. If you have never tried beer, you should consider having it in small amounts daily so that your body can function more efficiently. Now that you know how useful it is, develop a habit and observe the effects it has on your mind and body.

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