December 5, 2019

How to Get Rid of Garlic Breath?

how to get rid of garlic breath

Indian food flavors are exotic, exquisite and full of taste. Garlic is quite an integral part of our everyday cooking in many parts of India. It is considered to have a lot of medicinal properties as well. However, unfortunately it has strong smell, which leads to bad breath after it is consumed. The smell can remain on anybody’s breath for hours. Luckily, we have some interesting remedies on how to get rid of garlic breath. Read on to find out more.

  • Water: Drinking water helps greatly in containing the bad breath caused due to the remains of garlic in our teeth after a meal. Flush out your mouth with water after you consume such pungent-smelling food articles like garlic to avoid bad breath.
  • Brush Your Teeth: The best way to reduce the effect of bad breath due to garlic is to brush your teeth soon after you consume garlic-containing food. This will help containing the bad smell in your breath. Brushing your teeth after a meal will reduce the bacteria in the mouth and also eliminate other harmful causes of bad breath as well, including bad smell from consuming garlic
  • Mouthwash: A great smelling mouthwash is the best method to get rid of bad breath due to consuming garlic. Mouthwash containing mint or ginger can not only help to get rid of the bad breath but also give your breath a soothing effect.

how to get rid of garlic breath

  • Mouth Fresheners: In India, we have a lot of tasty mouth fresheners, which are consumed after each meal like minted fennel seeds. Such mouth fresheners will definitely kill the effects of bad breath due to garlic consumption
  • Green Tea: Well, consuming anything after you consume pungent smelling food will definitely help reduce its bad effects on your breath. Green tea, for example, may help covering up the bad smell of garlic in your breath as it has natural antioxidants in it, which fight the bacteria causing bad breath.
  • Eat Vegetables: Eating fruits or vegetables after your meal will also help you contain the smell of garlic. When you consume fruits or vegetables or any additional food articles, they help cover up the smell of garlic to a large extent helping you to get rid of the bad breath.

how to get rid of garlic breath

  • Lemon Water: One may be wondering how to get rid of garlic breath. Lemon water can also be a great answer to that question. It has neutralizing capabilities for all the bad smell in your breath due to consuming garlic.

Consuming tasty food is almost a part of our culture wherein we value the taste and texture of the food we consume more than anybody else. In the myriad of spices that we use, garlic is integral. However, it can also be the cause for bad breath as well. Now that you know how to get rid of garlic breath, do not resist garlic anymore! Enjoy it!         

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