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Every day a new product like Cognifocus becomes available and choosing a single one among the numerous options is difficult. It is even more difficult with the lack of information that can be found for most of them. For the most part, many of them are actually very effective, but the websites are either shady or straight up a complete scam. Being aware of all of the different little important details of these websites and finding out as much as possible about the supplement itself is essential to selecting the ideal product for you and avoiding the numerous scams out there. (link to image: )

I don’t want to tell you which one to buy or avoid but rather want to give you as much information as possible about the product so as to help you with this difficult decision. Knowing how to spot a scam and most importantly the ingredients of a product is key. I have gathered all available information on this product from the official website as well as numerous 3rd party websites in order to help you make a wiser decision.


What is Cognifocus?

This is a brain supplement claimed to have everything your brain needs to help it work properly and improve your overall cognition. It is developed to improve your memory, focus, and energy among other things. With claims that it starts working immediately boosting your energy and improves the way your brain works in general time and time again it seem quite an interesting option.

They list a number of benefits such as:

  • Boost of short and long term memory
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve concentration
  • Continuous increase in the way your brain performs
  • Boosts overall focus
  • Gives clearer mental vision

I think these are all benefits we can all enjoy and take advantage of if there really is a product can meet our needs and actually deliver. Unfortunately, many of these supplement companies exaggerate the possibilities of their product and usually customers are left somewhat disappointed. Not that they don’t work, simply the expectations are built up to such an extent that it is actually near impossible to achieve.

Who Needs a Product like Cognifocus?

I think that all of us, at any given point of our lives would have said yes to a product like this. I know I needed it throughout college. Though this will be effective for those dealing with a lot of stress and looking for a little boost, it is targeted mainly towards those dealing with age-related cognition problems. Usually this takes place once we page the age of 30. Our cognitive performance and in general, brain power, begin to dwindle and slowly slack. Several of the symptoms to look for around this age are:

  • Short/Long Term Memory Loss
  • Forgetfulness
  • Hard Time Concentrating and Staying Focused
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Very Low Energy
  • Noticeable Decrease in Mental Performance

Yes, we have experience one or several of these symptoms at various points in our lives but when all combined and are for prolonged periods of time, not just when we are stressed, perhaps it’s time to do something about it. Research shows that between the ages of 25 and 70 we can actually lose up to 60% of our overall mental focus. This is not only due to our age but the everyday stress we put on our brains and even the foods we eat. There is what they call “brain foods” which you should focus on consuming. That sounds simple enough, but if you have ever been on a diet to try and lose weight you will probably agree with me that going on a diet for your brain seems even less possible. So, yes, you can actually achieve what brain supplements offer by changing your diet, rather drastically, or you can take a supplement and feed your brain with the essential nutrients and vitamins it needs.  (image link: )

I will not bore you with the numerous benefits that the website lists as, not only are they listed above, but going into further detail into them would do nothing more than waste more time. You know well enough what to expect, or at least what one should expect from such a supplement. The key to remember is that it is 100% natural, it has no possible side effects (as per the official website), and supports your cognitive performance.


What are the Ingredients in Cognifocus?

Unfortunately, aside from noting how natural and great the ingredients in this product are the official website actually fails to provide any further information. Fortunately, there are plenty of 3rd party websites with further information on this product. With that said, I want to note that as I got this from a 3rd party website I cannot vouch 100% that it is accurate. With that said, I not only got some information on the ingredients, but also an image of the supplement facts sheet (not that it gives us much…or does it?).×144.png

So, looking at this image you aren’t really left with much to go by. One of the most hated ingredients in supplements, Caffeine is listed. This immediately caught my attention. I found more information about this type of caffeine though. The 150 mg of caffeine found in this supplement is equivalent to a cup of coffee. You ask what the WGCP Blend is? This is actually a powdered blend of green coffee beans which have all the benefits of coffee without the jitters and negative side effects of caffeine. You can find out more information HERE.

How and Where to Buy Cognifocus?

Though there are several pages that I have found trying to sell Cognifocus I highly recommend you stick with the official website to stay safe. There are 4 Package options available.

  • 7 Bottles – $22 each – $156 TOTAL
  • 5 Bottles – $25 each – $126 TOTAL
  • 3 Bottles – $32 each – $96 TOTAL
  • 1 Bottles – $56 – Sample Option with Standard Shipping

A trick I learned with these websites is that considering the competition they don’t want a visitor to leave without a purchase. What do they do? Give huge discounts every time you try to exit. Attempt this 2 times (say, click the back button to leave the purchase page) and apply the coupons. On the 2nd time you can actually get 2 bottles for the price of $45!

Considering the ingredients and knowing the powers of green coffee bean powder I do think that this supplement can be effective. There are no sketchy trial offers and they are straightforward about the terms and the prices. They do some typical bad marketing tricks that are easy to spot from the moment you open the website but nothing the rest aren’t doing. I think that Cognifocus could be a good option but I highly recommend you speak with your doctor and do further research before ordering.


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