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Generally I overlook similar products simply because there is a lot of hype and little delivery but noticed something interesting about the Athletic Greens product. Unlike other websites that I have visited they actually offer a LOT of information, have everything you need to actually research and determine if it’s for you, and of course, provide you with in depth details of the ingredients which is absolutely essential. With that said, I decided to give it a shot and review it to see if my initial observations hold up.

With products like these it’s important to know the ingredients. The rest of the information is usually repetitive and relatively unimportant. The best way to get real information about products like these is through 3rd party websites and by not getting caught up in the hype.


What is Athletic Greens Premium Superfood Cocktail?

This is actually a powdered product that is mixed with water to create a super energy drink, as per the official website. This energy drink is actually healthy unlike the many others on the market such as Red Bull, Shark, etc. It is made up all natural whole food ingredients and in just one serving you get up to 12 servings of vegetables and variety of fruits. Within the product itself there are actually 75 different whole food sourced ingredients in their pure and natural form and contains enzymes as well as probiotics to ensure optimum digestion and absorption. The product has taken 10 years to fully research and develop into the ideal powder that is easy to mix in combination of natural sweet taste.

It is developed for daily intake in order to cover the nutrient needs for people that are active. They claim that it doesn’t take more than exactly 27 seconds to take it but surely it takes a bit more than that with preparing, mixing, and actually drinking it. But overall, it really doesn’t seem to take all that much time. You can experience almost immediate results giving you profound changes in overall performance, energy, and general health.


Benefits of Expect from Athletic greens Premium Superfood Cocktail

  • More Energy – you will get a natural boost in energy with the 100% natural ingredients formula designed to be absorbed immediately into your system ensuring maximum benefit.
  • Improved Health – you will be at the peak of your health by regularly absorbing the necessary nutrients found in the 75 whole food ingredients.
  • Body Boost – the combination of ingredients will give your body the crucial minerals, enzymes, and vitamins it requires to thrive and allow you to be at your peak.
  • Boost Immunity – as the product contains active pro and pre-biotic compounds your gut health will be ensured all the while protecting your immunity as well as strengthening the overall natural defenses of your body.
  • Overall Happiness – when your body and health are at their peak you can focus on simply being happy.
  • Diet Friendly – anyone can take this product regardless if they are male or female and the diet hey may be on. It is suitable with just about any diet including, paleo, auto-immune, or vegan diets. Even if you are not on any special diet but just looking to lose a couple of pounds, again, this is a great choice.
  • Alkalize your Body – the product contains more than 8 grams of nutrient based RAW green superfoods in each serving thus ensuring your overall body health is improved.

All actually quite interesting, but nothing that really stands out except for the pre and probiotics. Aside from that nearly everything is quite familiar from other products. Also, the fact that there are more than 70 natural ingredients is also quite impressive.


Ingredients in Athletic greens Premium Superfood Cocktail

I contemplated greatly whether I should go into detail with each ingredient. There are many, and when I say man, I mean it. The website was actually impressive enough to share a full list of the ingredients in the product through a Supplement Facts image. The image is a bit blurry so it is kind of difficult to read them, but still, it gives full detail of what the product is made up of.

I have actually researched each of these ingredients and for the most part they have all been proven to be safe and in general, quite effective in improving your energy, mood, and overall health. There are a number of ingredients that were actually a bit new to me, but many I have seen numerous times in the past in other products. I have never, though, seen so many ingredients in one product, many of which are quite effective and safe.

I encourage you to research each ingredient as well and make sure that they suit your needs. I also recommend you speak with your doctor with a list of the ingredients to make sure that you can take the product.

What I DIDN’T Like about the Product and Website

What I find rather suspicious is that they clearly state “NO Endorsement or Testimonial Has EVER Been Paid”. Although I have confirmed 2 of the 4 testimonials on their homepage, I highly doubt that what they claim is true. Either they’ve never paid money due or they are lying. At least, if they make claims like these they would have an affiliate program. An affiliate program is where people get paid any time the send the official website a customer that makes a purchase. This means, basically every single review out there is most likely an affiliate getting paid rather than someone really giving an honest review.

Where to Buy Athletic greens Premium Superfood Cocktail

You can purchase it on the official website via one of three options:

  • 30 Servings – Single Supply – $127.00
  • 30 Servings – Loyalty Program – $97.00
  • 60 Servings – Loyalty Program – $177.00

By purchasing the less expensive option, the Loyalty Program, you sign up to have monthly delivery of the product. This means that you will be charged the full price ($97 or $177) every month and will receive a new supply of the option you have selected. You can cancel this membership by calling at least 1 day prior to the date your order is processed for the following month. Shipping for all options is $7.95.

I highly recommend you speak with your doctor before ordering this. You are given all of the necessary information for them to determine whether this is a suitable option for you as long as you provide them the Supplement Facts image. Considering how great some of the ingredients are and how easy it is to take I can easily say that it may be effective, just keep in mind the high price and I recommend for the first order you steer clear of the Loyalty Program of Athletic greens Premium Superfood Cocktail.

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